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  • Professional Lawncare and Maintenance Specialists

How We Got Started

Hartman Lawn Care was established in 2005 by Beau . At age fourteen, his basic goal was to provide lawn care services for a profit. He began push-mowing five yards on a weekly basis, and after one summer was able to save $1,200 to purchase his first commercial grade mower. As he acquired more clients, Beau found himself riding a lawn mower around city streets to his weekly accounts.

At age fifteen, Beau got his first truck and paid a friend to work with him and drive them to the weekly accounts. Upon getting a drivers license, he began to focus on expanding the business. By the time he had reached his junior year in high school, Beau was mowing 35 weekly accounts.

As the business grew, so did the workload, which required Beau to hire part-time help from a friend. By the time he graduated high school the business had grown enough to support two full time employees. Beau then decided to further his education in the industry by attending The Ohio State University Agricultural Technical Institute to earn a degree in Landscape Horticulture. On July 1st 2011 Hartman Lawn Care, LLC was established.


“The professionals at Hartman Lawn Care, LLC are committed to providing excellent service at a competitive price. Our goal is to work with you to create a landscape that reflects your personality”